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Founder Message

The past 28 years have constituted an experiential journey of discovery, change, the overcoming of obstacles and jubilation. Our aim to impart value based education to contribute towards building a strong foundation for our country’s youth, taught us a lot more than we expected it would.

One important teaching that has emerged from the experience is the need to re-invent and evolve with the changing times. The essential component is to be able to do this, while maintaining the solid value systems our traditions and culture is built on.

It is with this approach that we present to you the fresh avatar of Sree Rajadhani Residential School.

Events & Anouncements

About Us

Rajadhani School was established in 1988, spearheaded by eminent philanthropist, Makkapatti Chandashekhar Rao. The intention of this progressive English medium day-plus-residential school was to inculcate a value system and culture in students to develop them into academically successful individuals who show great empathy.

The school is located at Nizampet, 3 kms away from the Bombay national highway opposite the JNTU campus. The campus offers 4 acres of spacious and picturesque natural surroundings conducive for the development of both body and mind. The lovely panoramic view of the school calms down the individual and takes one to blissful meditative mood. It is totally free from the environment pollution. The foundation stone was laid by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam on 9th May , 1988


Play ground

Play ground

Time is a game played beautifully by children.


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