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By Peter A. Chew

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This dissertation presents a coherent, synchronic, broad-coverage, generative phonology of Russian. I try out the grammar empirically in a couple of how one can confirm its goodness of healthy to Russian. In taking this process, I target to prevent making untested (or even incoherent) generalizations in keeping with just a handful of examples. typically, the checks express that there are exceptions to the speculation, yet no less than we all know what the exceptions are, a baseline is determined opposed to which destiny theories will be measured, and often the proportion of remarkable circumstances is diminished to under 5%. The relevant theoretical results of the paintings are as follows. First, I exhibit that every one of the phonological or morphophonological tactics reviewed should be defined via a grammar not more robust than context-free. Secondly, i use probabilistic constraints within the syllable constitution grammar to give an explanation for why constraints on word-marginal onsets and codas are weaker than on word-internal onsets and codas. I argue that the gains [+/- preliminary] and [+/- final], and extraprosodicity, are pointless for this goal.

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However, Rubach and Booij (1990) suggest, on the basis of facts from Polish, that the constraints on clusters at the edges of words are weaker than those on word-medial clusters. 0&! " ‘mercury’), but this ‘does not warrant the syllabification of karty ‘cards’… as karty’ (Rubach and Booij 1990: 122). 0&! should be syllabified with an immediately following vowel. V would 47 be possible syllabifications. CV. Kahn’s approach is to encode the Maximal Onset Principle as an integral part of the syllabification mechanism, as is clear from his statement quoted on p.

5+> (1&3&<26&) (1&3<&2'+6&) (#H&26+) (#H&2'+6+) (A'D0'DB+%) (A'D0'DB'+%) ‘this cat’ ‘this weaves’ ‘animal nursery’ (instr. ) ‘we shall weave it together’ ‘banks, shores’ ‘keeping’ (gerund) Halle (1959) appears to be alone in not treating all the velars alike: his inventory (p. 2'! B'=

V would 47 be possible syllabifications. CV. Kahn’s approach is to encode the Maximal Onset Principle as an integral part of the syllabification mechanism, as is clear from his statement quoted on p. 43 above. As Steriade (1982: 75) puts it, ‘Kahn’s algorithm… is partly a specification of certain aspects of the English syllable and partly a parsing device’. The second rule that Kahn proposes for syllable structure assignment is as in (5): (5) Rule II a. Ca V . CcCc+1…CaV " " where Cc+1…CaV is a permissible initial cluster but CcCc+1…CaV is not.

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