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Booklet ON A FISHKEEPER'S advisor TO AQUARIUM crops.

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Hamsters in the wild We can learn some things about hamster care from seeing how they live in the wild. Golden hamsters are native to the deserts of Syria, in the Middle East. Hamsters are now believed to be extinct in Syria, so those who were taken as pets or lab animals saved the species. Wild hamsters dig tunnels underground, where they spend most of the daylight hours sleeping, due to the scorching desert sun. At night, when the air is cooler, hamsters come out of their holes to look for food.

It should not matter what type of animal was kept in it. To make a nice hamster habitat, you need to add some things to the aquarium. Since there are no bars, you should provide something for your hamster to climb. This could be as simple as a piece of wire mesh cut to fit and placed against one end of the aquarium. When cutting the mesh, be careful not to leave any sharp points which could injure your hamster. If you are really handy you can make a frame for it. Wire mesh can also be used to divide a larger aquarium into separate living units if you have several hamsters.

Now you should have a lid which fits on the aquarium and down 2-3 inches all around. Hopefully by now you realize why I stress setting up your hamster’s environment before bringing him home. Now you have either a commercial or custom-made aquarium lid. You may think you are done, but once your hamster makes it up to the lid, he will find it easy to raise the lid enough to escape. For this reason you need to add weight on top of the lid. Bricks or unopened cans of food are good. Put one in each corner at a minimum.

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