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The cases that have been recorded occur in word-initial position: ghzu 'beer made from guinea corn', ghzl 'chase'. There are no word-initial voiceless clusters: *xs, *sx, */x. There are instances of fx in intervocalic position as a result of the combination of two morphemes: xla-f-xl-i' I gathered up'. The absence of word-initial voiceless clusters is explained by the principle of the maximalization of differentiation within a cluster. The word-initial position represents the underlying form of the morpheme, where the maximalization of differentiation operates, while word-medial clusters may represent different morphemes and are not subject to the maximalization of differentiation principle.

When the associative plural marker I in subject position follows complementizer k , the result in normal speech is the sequence [kii]. In slow speech it is [k i]. The tone of the morpheme whose final vowel is replaced remains and is realized on the new syllable. , the sequence Vi+ V2 may result in V2 or in V2V2- In normal speech only one vowel is produced after replacement. In lento speech two vowels are rearticulated. Both of these cases are illustrated by the following examples: (62) tä OBJ -> [timi] water (63) ndä fi ASSC ISO 'with me' -> [ndfi] (64) tä OBJ -> [tuü'ä] (65) sä imi —> [siimi] drink water 'to drink water" u'wä milk The first-person singular object marker -ixä and the subject clitic /replace the final vowel of the verb.

In word-final, phraseinternal position only some obstruents occur. In phrase-final position fewer obstruents can occur than in word-final, phrase-internal position. The distribution of stops is represented in Table 3. Table 3. Distribution of stops in phonetic forms Voiced Voiceless Prenasalized Nasal Glottalized Word initial b,d,g P, t, k mb, nd, ijg n, m b, cf Intervocalic b, d,g P, t, k mb, ng n, m, ij b, cf Word final b, d, g p, k, kw m, q b, cf Phrase final p, k, kw m, The word-final, phrase-internal position may have consonants whose presence results from the deletion of the final vowel.

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