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By E.B. Ruttkamp

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In this ebook Emma Ruttkamp demonstrates the facility of the full-blown employment of the model-theoretic paradigm within the philosophy of technology. inside this paradigm she offers an account of sciences as method and product. She expounds the "received assertion" and the "non-statement" perspectives of technology, and indicates how the model-theoretic technique resolves the spurious stress among those perspectives. during this endeavour she additionally engages the perspectives of a few modern philosophers of technological know-how with affinity to version idea. this article might be learn via experts operating in philosophy of technology or formal semantics, via logicians engaged on the constitution of theories, and by means of scholars in philosophy of technology - this article bargains a radical creation to non-statement debts of sciences in addition to a dialogue of the conventional assertion account of science.

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2 Suppose we have a first-order language LA' where A is induced by some sets Ind and Pred. An interpretation of LA is a pair (D,t) such that +, • D~ • f assigns to every member of Ind an element of D, and • f assigns to every (P,n) E Pred a subset of DD. IfPred contains the equality predicate constant (=,2), then we stipulate that f( =,2) must be the subset {(d,d) I dED} ofD2. A term interpretation is a pair (D,t) such that D =Ind and, for every c E Ind, f(c) =c. 3 Suppose we have a frrst-order language LA and an interpretation I =(D,t).

62). ) and so formulated his universal law of gravitation. Scientists thus conceptualise their objectives in the light of the data they gather - and may still be gathering - with an eye on their research goals and guided by the specific scientific tradition, community, theoretical network or paradigm they are working from. The creative context of this stage of the scientific process offers scientists the chance to test and constantly reformulate their conceptual structures and to receive results under the conditions set by their goals and the context within which they work.

Interpretations under which the theory in question is true) of the relevant theory. Let us consider briefly the formulation of Newton's laws of motion and his law of gravitation. Newton wanted - inter alia - to continue Kepler's research about the movement - and positioning - of the planets in our solar system. Kepler's laws originated, it seems, largely because of his own interest in specifically the movement and positions of the planets in our solar system. His intended model thus may be said to have been supported by data concerning only these (and related) planetary features.

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